​‘Kingsday urine’ becomes fertilizer

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The urine will be recycled into fertilizer.

Waternet and the municipality of Amsterdam are going to collect urine on three major Kingsday festivities. The urine will be recycled into fertilizer. The kingsday pee will be collected on April 27 at the urinals at the Nassau Festival, Kingsland and in Vondelpark. The municipality wants event organizers to make their events more sustainable. Alderman Abdeluheb Choho (Sustainability): "We show what concepts like sustainability and circular economy really mean. And it’s great that this happens while the town is celebrating". It is not the first time that Waternet collects urine in Amsterdam: last year the fundraising campaign "Come piss on Sail’’ was organized. This yielded a disappointing result.

Phosphate factory Urine contains phosphate, a precious and scarce fertilizer. It is expected that in thirty years the natural resources where phosphate is currently mined, will be exhausted. Without phosphate it’s impossible for crop to grow. Water network and the Water Board Amstel, Gooi and Vecht therefore win phosphate back since 2013 from sewage in a special phosphate factory in Amsterdam-West. With the phosphate from the wastewater in Amsterdam, 10,000 football fields can be fertilized every year.

All the urine of Koningsdag goes to the special phosphate factory, where phosphate is recovered from pee with the aid of magnesium chloride and oxygen. Next artificial fertilizer is made . One scoop is enough to flourish your entire garden. Read more information.

Source: Parool
Picture: Parool