New book ‘A smart city, this is how you do it’

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In 2019 the Future City Foundation and 26 partners investigated how we should design the smart city. The network assumes that urban design and the products that result from it are radically changing. Just like it happened with other industries. They want to understand how it happens, what are the opportunities and what are the risks. They present the results of the research in the book: “A smart city, this is how you do it – Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city”. The English version was launched on the 18th November 2019, during the WOW Dinner Barcelona at the World Trade Center in Barcelona.

The English version (52 pages) focuses on the design principles for smart urban design:
>> We want a sustainable and democratic city;
>> In it we design everything as a democratic smart network;
>> We design flexibility;
>> We design meaningfully.
These are explained in detail. In addition, the Model Bylaw Smart City Applications in the Public Space is included in the book.

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