Operating System for a City

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Have you ever thought about your city as a computer, and about institutions and administration as an OS operating system for it? This metaphor is becoming more and more relevant to reality. Telephones are turning into smartphones and cities into smart cities.

The new system for cities is being downloaded ...
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According to statistics, you use a smartphone to read this page. Do you know what is the most important and most valuable component of it besides the camera? Of course its operating system. This single element can increase the power and safety of the device.

If it works inefficiently, you risk losing data, slowing down performance, and quickly draining of the battery. Current city's operating systems have many disadvantages. We know this feeling of system malfunction well.

If operating system performs its function in the background, we can experience games and multimedia on the screen and use our software necessary for a business. The same rule applies to cities and it's "operating systems".

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