Renewable Transformation Challenge (1st Prize 20k | apply before April 30)

Elsevier and the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), are proud to announce the launch of the Renewable Transformation Challenge. The award has been launched to encourage the progress to a world powered by renewable energy and accessible energy for all.

Applications may present ongoing projects, product ideas, innovative technologies, policy initiatives, programs, research, analyses, or complete solutions targeting either supply side (energy generation for end-use energy consumption) or demand side (energy efficiency) programs, or both.

The winning proposal will be the one that best demonstrates the transformation to a world powered by renewable energy and that has potential to widen access to energy, particularly in developing countries. Submissions will be assessed in terms of applicability, impact, sustainability and scalability. Innovative ideas will be given preference over incremental improvement projects.
How to apply

The Challenge opens for submissions on February 6, 2017 and the deadline for submitting proposals is April 30, 2017. Applications are open to individuals and organizations in both not-for-profit and commercial sectors worldwide.

Visit the Renewable Transformation Challenge landing page for more information on judging criteria and application guidelines.