Roadmap Circular Tendering of Building Sites worldscoop for Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the first city in the world that issues a Roadmap Circular tendering for constructing sites. With the Roadmap a bidder can ensure circular construction. The Roadmap contains a thorough definition of circular construction and how you can measure the degree of circularity in a quantitative and qualitative way. Furthermore the Roadmap offers practical information how to design a circular tender.

In the last part of this year the municipality of Amsterdam will use the Roadmap for issuing building sites for houses and one non-housing site. The instrument will also be used for tenders on the field of transformation, renovation and demolition.

Metabolic and SGS Search have written the Roadmap in assignment of the municipality of Amsterdam. In the process were also involved market party’s and external experts. The actual version is a version 1.0. Based on practical experience Amsterdam wants to develop the instrument, again together with market party’s but also with other public authorities.