Roboat Update!

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Roboat is a 5 year research project and collaboration between the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In developing the world's first fleet of autonomous floating vessels for the city of Amsterdam, it investigates the potential of self-driving technology to change our cities and their waterways.

The Roboat research project is entering its second phase of development.
This is what a year of Roboat looks like.
The team of researchers is now focusing on technical design and autonomous robotics techniques, after having developed the first vehicle prototypes last year. The design solutions being worked on are focusing on the areas of food, waste, transport, and water quality sensing. The research results of the second year of the Roboat project will be shared this October, and will include a demo on the Amsterdam canals.

In addition, a new Roboat website has been launched. It showcases the project’s technical details, use cases, data visualizations, videos, research publications, news and events.
One of the video featured on this new website impressively shows how Roboat navigates the canals using the Lidar sensing method, which allows the vessel to detect objects and adjust its route accordingly. Follow Roboat's journey through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam

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