Secundary schools could be so much smarter

In 10 years the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum (ESBZ) has developed into a living community of 1500 learners and 100 teachers. Students have ample room for exploration. Self-management doen not only characterise the learning of the students, but the behavior of the teachers as well. In both respects the ESBZ might be a source of inspiration for our schools.

One person thinks this is smart


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Nagaraja Magonahalli's picture
Nagaraja Magonahalli

The purpose of secondary Education briefly be stated as-working knowledge of any language, basic introduction to science and math subjects, awareness of civil society for inclusive living, contribute economically by choosing appropriate profession/avocation.

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Sari Erpo

Nagaraja that was well summarised and so true. I wonder what possibilities augmented reality brings us future? Will it be a new dimension of learning or just one way of experiencing things?

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Nagaraja Magonahalli

some feel that old age is a curse, no it is an opportunity to spend time very usefully which was not possible during prime time-rich with knowledge and experience the world seems wonderful to live in.


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