Showcase your innovative projects and solutions in our new Smart City Lab!

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Have your smart project or solution to an urban challenge showcased to peers, policy makers and the general public.

Amsterdam Smart City is launching a new Smart City Lab and we are looking for projects, products and services that ensure the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area remains liveable now and in the years to come. The showcase will focus on four main themes: energy, mobility, circular city and digital city.

The purpose of the Lab is multifold. Firstly, it will be a workplace for Amsterdam Smart City partners and stakeholders. It will also serve as a space to receive national and international delegations interested in exchanging experiences on citizen-centric smart cities. Lastly, it will be a place where local Amsterdammers can learn about and engage with innovative solutions to urban challenges and share their ideas for the future of their metropolitan region.

The Lab will be launched on 20 June 2019 during the WeMakeThe.City festival. After this, the lab will be used to host regular Open Houses for stakeholders, partners and residents.

We invite companies, start-ups and locals to show their smart solutions to a broad and international audience!

What do we offer?

  • An opportunity to showcase your innovative project, product or services to stakeholders, our partners and residents.
  • Be a part of the launch at the WeMakeThe.City festival.

What do we ask?

  • A concrete demonstration of a solution – this can be a project, product or service which contributes to a more future-proof city
  • Priority will be given to products ready for implementation and that are working prototypes (rather than conceptual ideas)
  • Priority will be given to projects which are interactive
  • The project, product or service needs to fit inside the exhibit boxes which are 35x35x35cm or 35x35x25cm. See the picture below for the conceptual design.

How to apply

If you have a project you would like to showcase, please submit a maximum of one page of text along with one additional page of reference images if available. Make sure to include answers to the following questions:

  • What is your project, product or service?
  • What social problem does your project / product / service solve?
  • How is the solution citizen-centric?
  • How will stakeholders and visitors interact with the solution?
  • How do you envision showcasing the project, product or service inside the exhibit boxes which are 35x35x35cm or 35x35x25cm?


  • Submit your proposal to <a></a> by Monday, 22 April at 18:00 with “Smart City Lab Proposal” in the subject line.


  • Submit your proposal by April 22, 18:00
  • A selection by the Amsterdam Smart City team will be made by 3 May
  • Exhibit design May 3 - 31
  • The Smart City Lab launch during We Make The City on 20 June

Questions or comments? Share them in the comments section below!


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Amsterdam Smart City

Hi Karan, thank you for the interest! We're open to international projects but we give priority to solutions that have been or are being implemented in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area.

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karan chawla

Hi !! Glad to see the initiatives going around for the smart city. I'd like to know if it is open for international startups ?