Smart City Strategy & Upscaling: Comparing Barcelona and Amsterdam

A comparison between the cities of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Barcelona (Spain), two fast growing cities which have both approached the smart city concept in different ways, leading to contrasting results in the degree of smart city projects and their ability to upscale those projects.


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Tijn Kuyper

@nancyzikken Thanks for the info! I've posted my thesis to the smart city academy :)

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Tijn, last week we opened a space on the Amsterdam Smart City platform where everyone can put online researches, investigations, tools and methodologies about the smart city. It is called the Smart City Academy. Would you like to add your research to this?

Please find the Academy here:
You can add your contribution here: You can link to your research if you upload it on for instance Google Drive.
The link in this post doesn't seem to work anymore...