Smart Light has been implemented at the Hoekenrodeplein in Amsterdam

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The Hoekenrodeplein in Amsterdam South East is now equipped with streetlights with smart applications

In this project Cisco, A2 Networks, Buidling ICT, Philips, Alliander, KPN and Amsterdam Smart City worked together to meet the request of the City District to turn the Hoekenrodeplein into a safe and pleasant place to live and use. The square is completely rebuilt. Different applications have been realized on the square, like adaptive lighting, cameras and a public Wifi network. The streetlights can be adapted from a distance or can be automatically adapted through sensors. This can be adjusted to different circumstances, for example to a different atmosphere, to a type of event or to the weather. By doing so a pleasant experience can be created and the safety will increase. On February the first, this initiative has been launched and celebrated in presence of City District Manager Emile Jaensch of Amsterdam South East and Ger Baron, CTO of the municipality of Amsterdam.

In the future the system will dim the lights and more energy will be saved. This energy can be used for the supply of a Wifi network or to measure the air quality. The next step is to further expand these smart street lights to the Arena Boulevard and in the whole area surrounding it. Also different opportunities to communicate for visitors, the catering industry and retailers will be added in the future. This initiative serves as a base for other projects in Amsterdam on a bigger scale.

Behind this initiative there is a cooperation in the field of smart lighting between Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the project Smart Lights in Metropolitan areas. Former alderman Gehrels signed a covenant with her colleagues from Rotterdam and Eindhoven in October 2012.

Picture: karresenbrands