Smart Solar Street Lights and Smart Solar Benches

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Solar street lights definitely have many tangible advantages over traditional grid tied street lights. Recent market research study showed that smart solar street light market will grow more than 24% in next 5 years. This is mainly caused by rapid urban developments and creation of new cities.

In today’s increasingly global and interconnected world, over half of the world’s population (54 per cent) lives in urban areas although there is still substantial variability in the levels of urbanization across countries. The coming decades will bring further profound changes to the size and spatial distribution of the global population. The continuing urbanization and overall growth of the world’s population is projected to add 2.5 billion people to the urban population by 2050, with nearly 90 per cent of the increase concentrated in Asia and Africa. At the same time, the proportion of the world’s population living in urban areas is expected to increase, reaching 66 per cent by 2050. The main reason that drive such rapid growth in demand for smart solar street lights is the need that cities become more energy resilient and less dependent on power grid. Hurricane Sandy clearly showed that even the wealthiest cities in the world such as New York do not have proper infrastructure in place to provide essential services such as public street lighting when unexpected events occur.

The leader in Smart Solar Street lighting industry New York based company EnGoPlanet aim to completely transform how cities light up their streets. EnGoPlanet has several different models and so far, they have installations in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Oman and Kuwait. In addition, currently they are developing new smart solar street light model that will be completely different than any other street light on the market.

In addition, another product that they developed is Smart Solar Bench. The Smart Solar Benches are becoming an increasingly growing urban furniture device that will transform urban cities and completely replace traditional benches. The Smart Solar Bench also presents a new addition to IOT and Smart City Concept.

Many cities across the globe are looking for new urban solutions that will help them to make their communities"smarter" and more people friendly. By doing so they also want to make their cities more energy resilient and to deploy technologies that will not solely depend on the power grid.