the e-logistic app for startup and SMEs

Ezzal is the new e-logistic and mobility app for IOS and Android which supports startups and small medium entreprises in their business. The app was created recently by Mohamed Badr, a young digital entrepreneur from Alexandria, Egypt, and actually his project is getting better and better during the time. It is also possible to find him at @mobadr2 through his Twitter profile.

Ezzal is basically a mobile application for small businesses and enterprises of medium size, which allow them to get in touch with truck drivers through mobile phone. The company which will need a logistic service for the transportation of its goods will have the advantage to spare money just contacting the closest truck driver who is available to bring the material to the clients.

The users of Ezzal will have in this way a great opportunity. For the small medium companies this will mean to spare more money from logistic perspective for the goods delivery. At the same time the app will constitute a great advantage for transporters for getting a further way to earn money for the service provided. This is a great digital approach in the world of mobility which is giving a great success to the young entrepreneur from Alexandria, who can actually feel pretty satisfied about his results.

On the video below we can just get a fast overview about how Ezzal is going.