Transition day 2023: Local Energy systems, scale up, scale up, scale up

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Energetic for energy

The technology is here. People and organizations are there. We have a lot of learnings from innovation pilots like Live and Atelier: we're all set. And yet, scaling up local energy systems like Live and Atelier seems to be incredibly difficult. What are the obstacles and barriers to scaling up these initiatives? These questions were the focus of the working session "local energy systems, scale up, scale up, scale up”.   The partners unanimously recognized the issue of scaling up as it affected all of them, and enthousiastically engaged in the work session.

Barrieres for upscaling

Together we searched for the actual challenges where local energy systems can be a solution, and the barriers for upscaling. We looked at the first actionable follow-up steps to achieve the required upscaling.

We chose a <em>chair battle</em> as work format and had an open and honest conversation about the challenges we face. It was fascinating to see that sometimes the different stakeholders, despite having the same goal, cannot come to an agreement and this can lead to considerable frustration.   

What we learned?

A lot! The picture report says more than a thousand words, but  in short:
·      We can only solve this challenge together; and that’s difficult
·      Citizens and companies often do not know where to go and often do not know the existing possibilities
·      We have the same goal, but there are many different interests
·      The solutions are already there

And now?

We will continue the topic with great energy in the coming period and try to set up a fixed program structure to keep the development up to speed. 

Do you want to know more about this challenge? Please let me know.