Want to help reducing the number of parcel delivery vehicles in Amsterdam?

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Hello, We are Wuunder, and we’re excited to be changing the game when it comes to sending and receiving documents, packages and pallets.

We hope you’ll share our enthusiasm! We’re doing this via a shiny new app, which lets you quickly and easily find the best price from established carriers, send your items and stay in touch with those receiving them. How handy is that? All you need to get started is to download the Wuunder app. It already gives you all these great shipping benefits. Delivering business efficiency:

- Send everything – documents, packages and pallets – via a single app
- Always get the best price, from among established carriers
- Direct customer contact and 24/7 status insights for your shipments

You’re probably wuundering why we spell our name with two ‘u’s. It’s because we passionately believe that personal service is essential in the digital world. While others deliver from place to place, we think in terms of delivering from person to person. Or in our language, from u to u. And because your mobile number gives you access to Wuunder chat, you can have direct contact with the people you send to.

In Amsterdam we're testing an additional service. Here we offer an on-demand pick-up within one hour. With only a mobile phone and a pen you can ship your parcel. One (bike) courier collect the shipments and will do the hand-over to multiple carrier companies. This avoids multiple parcel delivery vans within the city. Interested? We're looking for people that enjoy giving feedback to make our service even better. Info@WeAreWuunder.com

This is all part of our quest to be, Easy, efficient, connected. We Are Wuunder