WeMakeThe.City is on its way!

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WeMakeThe.City is the largest city festival in Europe, taking place from 20 to 24 June. we celebrate urban living whilst addressing important urban issues in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. How can we make our cities better? How do we make better cities? Amsterdam Smart City will host several events during the WeMakeThe.City festival. Find the overview here!

All over the world, including Amsterdam and its metropolitan region, cities are growing rapidly. This growth causes serious problems concerning, for instance, climate, safety, affordable housing, and health. The key question is: what kind of city do we want to live in, in five, ten or fifteen years time? WeMakeThe.City will be searching for answers, together with you and many others. Because together we make the city of the future.

For five whole days, we will transform the city into one huge festival, with 600 local, national and international speakers, 150 locations, 25 theme conferences, 30 urban talks, 50 workshops, 30 city expeditions, 15 special events, 10 exhibitions, and 30.000 participants. We will deal with the major urban challenges, share knowledge and present the latest solutions. WeMakeThe.City offers inspiration, interaction, and innovation.

Amsterdam Smart City invites you to celebrate with us the innovations of Amsterdam! We will host several events during the WeMakeThe.City festival and do a kick-off of our new program. With a festival pass you can join all the WeMakeThe.City activities, hosted by us and many more innovators in the region.

Check the events we organise here:

Thursday 21st of June:

Kick-off ‘Amsterdam Smart City | The next chapter’ - Amsterdam Smart City

Urban Conference: Next Generation Cities - Amsterdam Smart City

WeMakeThe.City | Samen voor nieuwe energie | City-zen Vehicle-to-grid in de praktijk - Amsterdam Smart City

Friday 22nd of June:

WeMakeThe.City | Innovation tour & open house - Amsterdam Smart City

Saturday 23rd of June:

WeMakeThe.City | Vehicle-to-grid | Duurzaamheidsmaand Nieuw-Sloten - Amsterdam Smart City