We Proudly Present Our Partners: Part #5 PostNL

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In June we kicked off a new phase of Amsterdam Smart City. Amsterdam Smart City is an open collective of citizens, businesses, knowledge institutions and public authorities that are convinced that the changes necessary for the city and region, can only be achieved through collaboration.

More partners than ever are pooling their networks, knowledge and skills. Who are they? We will present some of them one by one. PostNL: 'Our ambition is to deliver emission-free in the city of Amsterdam by 2025.'

Matthijs Handlogten from PostNL:

PostNL wants to work together with Amsterdam Smart City and the other transition partners on emission-free logistics in the city of Amsterdam by developing new concepts, testing hypotheses and knowing what the people of Amsterdam expect in the area of logistics. ASC and its accelerating partners specialize in these kinds of themes.

Amsterdam Smart City has found a logistic partner in PostNL to participate in the Mobility as a Service transition path. The focus of this transition path is on new forms of city logistics and last mile delivery with the aim of reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and improving accessibility in Amsterdam. The city hub that PostNL has taken in collaboration with Deudekom in Duivendrecht is a good example of this.

Together with Amsterdam Smart City, PostNL is building a sustainable, livable and accessible future for the city of Amsterdam in the area of mobility. Our ambition is to deliver emission-free in the city of Amsterdam by 2025.

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