Amsterdam Data Exchange (AMDEX)

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If data is the new gold, how can we ensure that we can all benefit from the possibilities?

Read the report about the principles of AMDEX (link)

The idea originated during the Science and Business dinner organized by Amsterdam Science Park (ASP). With Science Park’s history in the field of technological innovation and digital connectivity, the Amdex was a logical next step. As argued by Margo Keizer (ASP), "data sharing is already happening here, but at an informal level. We bring all these different initiatives together. To do this, we need to address various infrastructural and legal issues." The Amsterdam Data Exchange is an initiative to do exactly that, she adds.

Wouter Los questions: "how can we work efficiently with all this data?” With his extensive experience in the European scientific community, Los helped in the investigation of the function of the data marketplace. He explains "we want to go to an open, democratic playing field. In this model - in contrast to the monopolistic models that you now come across - the data remains from its owner and they decide which data can be shared with whom and under what conditions. We build a market model in which everyone is able to consult and use data in a transparent, familiar manner."

Chief Technology Officer, Ger Baron mentions, "since 2011, the municipality have had an open data policy. Municipal data is from the community and must therefore be available to everyone, unless privacy is at stake. In recent years we have learned to open up data in different ways.” He adds, “panorama photos, for example, are freely accessible on our data portal. In addition, we share data with market parties to find a parking space. We want to share data, but under the right conditions. This requires a transparent date market which is exactly what the Amsterdam Data Exchange can offer."

What is the goal of the project?

The Amsterdam Data Exchange (in short: Amdex) aims to provide broad access to data for researchers, companies and private individuals. Inspired by the Open Science Cloud of the European Commission, the project is intended to connect with similar projects across Europe. And eventually even become part of a global movement to share data more easily.

What is the result of the project?

After the publication of this report, in which a vision on the open data market is outlined, the design will be made more concrete using usecases.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

AMDEX was initiated by the Amsterdam Economic Board and was backed by Amsterdam Science Park and Amsterdam Data Science. The project is supported by the City of Amsterdam.

What is the next step?

Bringing AMDEX from an idea and vision to a concept.

What can other cities learn from your project?

The AMDEX is set up in Amsterdam, but meant for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


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Tom Moran

How would someone from the Data Infrastructure Industry who is interested in this project get involved? - Thanks!