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The website Amsterdam City Data and the website of Research, Information and Statistics (OIS) have been merged under the name Data en informatie (Data and information), with the url The advantages of the merging are:

- topical data, statistics and research are coherently presented
- quick and new ways can be developed to make visual and interactive presentations of data and information

You will find data sources from researches which will be shown in the form of tables, factsheets, dashboards, animations and reports. As well as datasets and topical data from, among other sources, municipal records databases.
You can easily search for all these data and have them shown in a map, download them as a data set, or link them automatically to your own system via a so-called ‘web service’ or API.

The buttons in the green square on the user interface give access to maps, the panorama viewer and the data catalogue.

Under the moniker ‘In beeld’ (‘In pictures’) we present data and research results interactively and visually as animations, dashboards and data stories, among other formats.

The menu offers help while using these functionalities.

The data portal is for anyone who is looking for reliable and up-to-date information about the city. For Amsterdam’s public officials who want to make the right decisions and civil servants who want to work effectively. But also for civilians, researchers and journalists who are looking for facts. Data en informatie is openly accessible and data that is public can be freely used by anyone. Some of the data are available to authorized city employees only.

If you have any questions or remarks about Data en informatie please contact us through

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Data en informatie is powered by OIS, City of Amsterdam

What is the next step?

The website is constantly in development. Step by step, the functionalities will be expanded, the search function will be optimalized, thematic pages and files will be added and maps will be improved.


Ruijing Cheng's picture
Ruijing Cheng

We are a group of students from Lund University (Sweden), studying our Master in Information Systems. In one of our courses, we are doing a research about sustainable/smart cities in Europe and after reading about Amsterdam, the choice of city became easy!

By looking at this project, we see that you would fit very well in an interview about the smart city initiatives in Amsterdam from an entreprenoural point of view. We would be very grateful if you took your time to help us out answering our questions, which will take around 45 min - 1 hour.

If you would like a copy of our report when it is finished, we’ll gladly share it with you!

Please contact me and I will explain more:

Best Regards,
Ruijing Cheng
Fredrik Waldau
Otto Fredriksson
Rexhep Haliti

Jutta Ravelli's picture
Jutta Ravelli

That's a good idea, we'll keep that in mind!

Robin Neven's picture
Robin Neven

Hmmm, maybe we should get in touch at some point in the future to see what would be possible in this!

Jutta Ravelli's picture
Jutta Ravelli

Thanks! We are fond of the idea of a Kaggle-like competition, but no concrete plans at the moment.

Robin Neven's picture
Robin Neven

Great initiative! Do you also organize Kaggle-like competitions to bring all of this data to good use for all of the Amsterdam society, and maybe even beyond?