Digital Perimeter

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By implementing innovative smart & digital solutions, the digital perimeter allows us to experiment with applications that deliver safety & security while providing the visitor with an even better fan experience.

Please do share your comments and thoughts with us as we are currently exploring our technical options with partners within the eco-system.

What is the goal of the project?

Experimenting with digital solutions, that may benefit visitors within the area during the EURO2020 event. The project's goal is to find out whether the selected solutions and applications (facial recognition, smart infrastructure, bodycams (5G), Blue-force tracking & Smart sensors to detect weapons/firework) are feasible, scalable, accurate, user-friendly and above all ethically responsible. When the solutions match the right criteria, it could serve as an application within the metropolitan area and or other local events where large crowds may appear.

What is the result of the project?

Delivering digital solutions to increase both fan experience and safety & security within an assigned perimeter.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

City of Amsterdam
Johan Cruijff ArenA
National Police

What is the next step?

Collaborating with partners to develop and implement the solutions (facial recognition, smart infrastructure, bodycams (5G), Blue-force tracking & smart sensors to detect weapons/firework) on a small scale as a minimal viable product.

What can other cities learn from your project?

The Digital Perimeter could show other cities on how to replace physical security and safety measures with smart & digital solutions. The program strongly focuses on the privacy and ethics of data-management.


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Jessie van de Nieuwenhuijzen

Hi there!
I am Jessie van de Nieuwenhuijzen and I am a third year student of the Bachelor Media & Information at the University of Amsterdam. For my thesis I am looking for interesting people and projects that can help me gain insights into Amsterdam as a smart city and relating themes. I am conducting my thesis on how crowd sensing in smart cities can help make data collection become more collaborative. Your project was recommended to me by Menouschka Plugge of the Amsterdam smart city project. Is there someone in your team of this project I can interview about the topic of my thesis and relating topics?

Hope to hear from you!