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Questo is a free mobile app which offers playful city tours for both travelers and locals. The platform invites users to go out and explore less popular areas of the city by going on a quest that requires them to solve interactive clues. Then, with each solved clue, they receive the story of the location they've discovered plus a recommendations of a local business (restaurants, art gallery, craft shop etc)

What is the goal of the project?

Millennials have become the main generation of travelers around the world and this means that the entire travel industry must adapt to fit their needs. In comparison with older generations, millennials are less interested in visiting popular landmarks, staying at fancy hotels, eating at expensive restaurants or shopping when traveling. On the contrary, millennials want to explore cities and avoid tourist traps, book accommodations on Airbnb, eat at local restaurants, if not even at locals' homes and pay for experiences (such as festivals or other events). Here is where Questo comes into play by offering a mobile app which guides people on a less popular path around the city, filled with stories and authentic local businesses. At the same time, Questo does this in a gamified way, by creating a playful travel experience in which users have to solve clues and compete to each other. Moreover, we are not only about exploration, but also about supporting local causes. This is why, we try to assign a worthy cause to each quest we build, such as the rehabilitation of a historical house or the financing of a local festival.

What is the result of the project?

Questo's benefits are the following: 1. support local businesses which are not located around the popular areas of the city 2. increase awareness and help on supporting local community causes by inviting both traveleres and locals to contribute 3. move travelers from highly crowded central areas of the city to the lesser known places, therefore helping to ease the pressure on the center 4. help locals rediscover their city by sharing authentic stories with them in a gamified way 5. create educational quests around the city.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Questo was launched by Questo Global SRL, a Romanian company based in Sibiu (former European Capital of Culture), Transylvania, Romania.

What is the next step?

Questo was launched in May 2017 and ever since has managed to guide more than 7000 people around 9 cities from Romania and Hungary. Now, we plan on launching the app globally and The Netherlands is one of our targets.

What can other cities learn from your project?

The idea behind Questo is to create a behavior of sharing exploration, where both travelers and locals can contribute to the development of the local community while doing a quest. This means that they can support a local business, get involved in a local cause project or share the story of an authentic location they've discovered.