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The Kit measures the humidity, noise levels, temperature, CO, NO2 and lightintensity of the neighborhood

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What is the goal of the project?

That we measure air quality, is in itself not a new phenomenon. For years, the government has monitored air quality with measuring tools like ‘sniffer poles’, and environmental ngo’s like Milieudefensie regularly take measurements of the air quality in the streets of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague. The city’s residents are not directly involved. If they want, they can pay for a tool in their street, but engeneers are responsible for the actual measuring and collating of the data.

The Smart Citizen Kit was devised out of growing concerns of citizens about the quality of their air. The difference between this Kit and other measuring tools is the active involvement of ‘ordinary people’ in the measuring process. In this project, Waag Society and Amsterdam Smart City want to install a network of sensors all through Amsterdam. The Kit can measure humidity, noise pollution, temperature, CO, NO2 and light intensity. Participants fasten the Kit somewhere outside their house, e.g. outside their window, or on their balcony. The Kit takes measurements and conveys the results though the internet connection of the participant.

Amsterdam has been chosen for a pilot project. This is a testcase for the hardware (Can this high tech gizmo withstand the Dutch rains?) its software and the participation of its users. The participants will test whether it is user-friendly enough.
On March 24, 2014, an Install Party took place for the Kit’s Amsterdam participants. The 100 participants received their Kits and and an instruction. All data is shared simultanuously on the internet, so participants can compare their Kit’s data with other parts of the city or the world. All data can be found on the project’s website.

The purpose of the project is to heighten awareness of the participants about the quality of their air. With this project, we are finding out on a practical level how this may take place. We can gather information on the results, the technical specifications of the Kit and its inpact. And, how we can make the step from Smart Cities to Smart Citizens.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Amsterdam economic board
WAAG society

What can other cities learn from your project?

On the 16th of June 2014 there was an evaluation of the results of the Smart Citizen Kit. The experiences were presented and the participants could share their findings of the measurement experiment. The measurement data and technology have to improve but the attendees were pleased with the initiative and the fact that many citizens are committed to measure the living environment. In addition, a visualization of the noise measurements has been made. Of each weekday, the average noise level per session is mapped with the audio data of all kits that supplied at least a full week of data.


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Nancy Zikken

Hi Joris, Waag is very active on smart citizens projects. I think @gijswaagorg can tell you a lot more about it!

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Joris H.

Is this project still running? I would like to participate.