Smart City Knowledge & Innovation Program

What is the goal of the project?

Gather best practices of 'Smart Solutions' from Europe, share with the stakeholders of the Smart Cities in India. This will initiate a dialogue between the project owners and the entities responsible for the success of innovative solutions. Once more knowledge is shared on a particular case, then the technical specifications can be utilised in the tenders. We promote technologies and not companies, so that when companies bid for tenders there is no conflict. Once tenders come out that are relevant for the European entities then EBTC will inform these parties and EBTC can also help to identify local partners that might be required for the bidding process who can perhaps also provide with local execution.

What is the result of the project?

Our approach allows for smart technologies and solutions, from in- and around Amsterdam, to be provided to the relevant parties in India of the 100 Smart Cities. But also to stakeholders who are developing Smart Port Cities and private players that are coming up with Smart Cities in India. We reach out to all these players in India and this will create awareness on the unique solutions that Amsterdam/The Netherlands has to offer.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

This is an initiative that has been designed and executed by EBTC, European Business & Technology Centre, based out of New Delhi, India ( Technical cooperation agreements with various municipalities have been signed in India, Indian multinationals are supporting with several additional services such as technology testing for the Indian environment.

What is the next step?

Contact me, I will provide more details on how the program can benefit Dutch municipalities, institutions, universities, business member organisations, clusters of companies, etc.

What can other cities learn from your project?

It is important to work together and not compete with each other. Each city has their own solutions and their own capabilities. We stand much stronger when we work together and can offer a wider range of solutions. The scope for doing business in India in the field is enormous so there is enough room for everyone.

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Hi Vincent, is the focus of the best practices purely based on specific projects (such as or also in the overall approach for a city? Are you interested in online communities around smart cities such as the Amsterdam Smart City community?