Amsterdam and local elections

On the 21th of March, local elections will take place in the Netherlands. For Amsterdam this means we get a new city council with new people and policies. In anticipation of these elections, we are curious to get to know the views of various political parties. How do they feel about innovation in the city of Amsterdam and what is their view on topics such as energy, safety and responsible use of data?

We will record some videos in which bottom-up or citizens initiatives ask questions about these topics! Have you started an initiative or an organization in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region? And would you like to ask a question about energy, safety or the responsible use of data on camera?

Please send an e-mail to with your question before Wednesday the 14th of February and perhaps we will get in touch!

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Nancy Zikken

@robinneven ken jij mensen die actief zijn in WeteringDuurzaam? Is het leuk om hen te vragen mee te werken aan een korte video?