Calling entrepreneurs working with plants or flowers

The call for Let it Grow’s second Incubation Programme is now open and is accepting applications until 10 September 2017. Let it Grow believes in the value of plants and flowers to ensure happier and healthier city living. Let it Grow’s Incubation Programme is a five-month programme based in Amsterdam and is designed to accelerate entrepreneurial teams that work with flowers and plants in new ways. Successful applicants will receive €10,000 (no equity will be asked in return), a dedicated mentor, workshops/trainings and access to their extensive network of professionals. The first programme had a Net Promoter Score of +90. Apply now at



Hi Jim,
Thanks for your interest in Let it Grow and our Incubation Programme! Our programme is definitely open to those who are using plants as part of their product offering. The most important thing we look at is how plants and/or flowers are integrated in that product offering and if we see this as adding value to urban areas. We look for innovation in the way green is integrated and applied.

Your company does use an interesting technique, and you are spot on when it comes to the amount of waste that is generated with billboards and signage.

I would recommend you to get in touch with the lead of the Incubation Programme. She's back from her holiday next week (June 14). She'll be catching up on a lot of work, but please do email her at irene[at] You might be able to connect with her about the options for you to apply to our programme.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please do let me know. Here to answer any I can!

Shari (Community Builder Let it Grow)

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Jim Bowes

Hi Shari,

What a great initiative! Quick question. Is this program open to start-ups that would like to use plants as part of their product offering? I work with Amsterdam to produce their urban communication using what is known as Natural-Media or green graffiti.

For years, I have been looking at developing living billboards and signage. Outdoor advertising in Amsterdam alone is responsible for producing 7000 to 9000 tons of greenhouse gases each year. In the EU each year the outdoor advertising industry consumes as much paper as a one meter wide piece of paper that wraps our planet 3.9 times. Average life cycle is 12 days and most of it is burned or down cycled. Using plants to create patterns has been done for centuries but rarely has this been used as a communication medium though plants are perfect for this.

However, this is just one technique of a portfolio of techniques that I use. You can check out my business at

I am not sure I fit the bill but I certainly find this a valuable way to help develop the technique of using plants as a communication medium.