Can you tell me about smart city companies in Amsterdam?

Recently, the attention about Fourth Industrial Revolution smart city is increasing in Korea. But we cannot find many successful cases here. Especially, I’ve known that ASC is most successful case among related examples Fortunately, we have a chance to visit Europe by Global Pioneer Program in my university. Global Pioneer Program(GPP) is a support program that helps students go aborad to study further how the world is changing and visiting some companies to experience their circumstances. So, can you recommend a company to visit?


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Beate Bouwman

You are welcome to Woodyshousing. IoT/ICT company for affordable and circular housing. What is your specific interest as we cover multiple urban challenges with our solution. ICT is integrated in all aspects of flexible estate from planning to production to operating the buildings and houses. In terms of smart city we especially interact in the planning and operational proces (while in production and logistics we apply IIoT).

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seungbeom nam

Thank you very much for your kind reply:)! Is there any company that can visit related to ict or iot technology?

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Cornelia Dinca

Hi Seungbeom, the GPP sounds like a great program!
What might help you in your search is to start with the urban challenges you are trying to address. That's the approach we take in Amsterdam. Are you perhaps interested in the transition to renewable energy systems or maybe in sustainable mobility solutions?
On the Visits page you will find various organizations and projects which can accommodate visits. Here are three which I think will be of interest:

  1. Innovation Tour at the Johan Cruijff ArenA:
  2. De Ceuvel living lab:
  3. B Amsterdam startup ecosystem: