City-Zen Virtual Power Plant: Looking for 50 households in Amsterdam New-West with solar panels.

We are looking for 50 households in Amsterdam New-West with solar panels who like to participate in a sustainable project. Collectively you will sell energy on specific moments while buying energy on the energy markets at other times. By using the storage capacity of 50 batteries, buying energy can be done at the most favourable time. The 50 participants will be able to use more sustainable energy and respond to the fluctuating prices. When there is a surplus of wind or solar energy, the batteries will be charged. When more energy is charged than the households are using, the batteries will be discharged. This will be done when the energy prices are high. A Virtual Power Plant will be created.

To participate you need to or want to have solar panels, a smart meter, internet access and enough space for the battery (141x50x38 cm). During the project your energy provider is Greenspread.

Are you interested?
- Join our information meeting in Molen van Sloten on Tuesday 8 November (19:30) or Monday 28 November (19:30). Sign up via
- Go to (in Dutch) and you will find more information.

This project by Alliander, Greenspread, EXE, Wageningen UR, and Amsterdam Smart City is part of City-Zen and funded by the European Commission.


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Maike Pluijgers

Hello Maaike Osieck,

At this moment we are looking for households in our first focus erea, in Amsterdam New-West. Which district does he live?

You can tell him to come to our information meeting tonight or on the 28th of November, so he can get more information. This meeting takes place in Molen van Sloten, in the centre of New-West and starts both nights at 19:30.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us via

Kind regards,
Maike Pluijgers (Greenspread)

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Maaike Osieck

I know someone who might be interested, but he does not live in the New West District. is this a problem?