From plastic waste to new products – Looking for partners!

VanPlestik transforms plastic waste into new products! We’ve designed and build a giant 3D printer that enables us to make large sized products. The input of our 3D printer are small pieces of shredded plastic. The 3D printer transforms these small pieces into products like flowerpots, tables and chairs. The plastics that we use are 100% recycled.

We are looking for partners:
* Who have plastic waste streams of ABS, PS, PC or PLA.
* Who are interested in buying or distributing products of recycled plastic.

Do you have any of these plastic waste streams and do you want to transform them into products? Perfect! Than we can close the loop and work towards a more circular economy.

Mail to or leave a comment.
You can also visit us at

We’re looking forward to your response!


Lotte Duursma's picture
Lotte Duursma

@franciszoet you should partner with them!

Maayke-Aimée Damen's picture
Maayke-Aimée Damen

Thanks @asc ! @jorisverhees , Yes we do :) I'll send you an email!