How to use urban greenhouses in a circular city?

At this moment, I am doing a research about the possibilities to use urban greenhouses to make cities more circular, for instance by exchanging heath. Do you have any ideas what we may do with an urban greenhouse in relation with waste streams, smart grids, water streams or other domains? Or do you know existing projects with greenhouses in cities (all over the world)? I am very curious about your ideas/knowledge. Feel free to contact me:

Kind regards,
Erik Bos
Wageningen University and Research



Erik, I've send you an email.

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Erik Bos

Thanks Maaike and Alexander!

Alexander Alvsilver

Hi @erikbos1 This initiative is very much in line with what you are looking for. It is about how to convert waste heat into urban food or other biological production, and aims to incorporate the concepts of sustainability, the circular economy and zero waste into a new service. There is approx EUR 210,000 available in prize money, and the consortia behind is very strong.
If you have connections that may be interested, please forward. I also ping @jeroenwijnen

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Maaike Osieck

Sounds interesting Erik! Maybe @jeroenwijnen @AllianderDGO can help you!