I need help from citizens in Amsterdam and around to answer my Survey about Happy Helper.

I am a Danish student studying European business at Copenhagen Business school at my 6. Semester.
This Survey is regarding my bachelor assignment about the cleaning platform Happy Helper. The purpose is to research if the cleaning platform could do a market entrance in the city of Amsterdam.

In 2016 Happy Helper was launched with a webpage there should act as a market place for cleaning.
It is a simple two side platform, who is moving into the sharing economy area. On one side we have the” helpers” as private persons who offering their cleaning help, really important to mention that they are not professionals and on the other hand we have the “bookers” also called costumers who receive the cleaning from the “ helpers”.
Happy Helper’s role is only to establish the contact between the booker and the helper.

It only takes two minutes to answer the survey.
Thanks in advance.