CLOSED! Immediate vacancy: Event Manager for the Circular Startup scene

The Amsterdam Economic Board is looking for a young professional experienced in organising events as per direct for 4 months.
Main deliverables will be an overview of start-ups operating in the circular economy, digitisation of this overview in an attractive manner and an event in which these circular start-ups will be matched with procurement professionals. The event is scheduled to take place February 14th 2018 at the Circl Pavillion. Creativity in finding unique (digital) ways to match circular startups and launching customers is highly valued. The chosen candidate will carry the responsibility on delivering a successful event. Interested? Leave a comment below or e-mail Marjolein Brasz:


Salomé Attias

Hi Luc !
Hope the position is still available, I am highly interested ! I just sent Marjolein an email with a CV and motivation. Looking forward to hearing back from you !!

Luc Baardman🏃☕️'s picture
Luc Baardman🏃☕️

Hi Natalia, how can @marjoleinajbrasz reach you? Maybe you can send her your resume and a small motivation letter ;)

Natalia Wambui's picture
Natalia Wambui

I would like take part in organising the event.