Internships at Vertical Farm in A Lab

One of our members, OneFarm, a vertical farm initiative, is looking for 3 interns. Design , Research and Project. Can you help them out?

OneFarm's goal is to provide affordable fresh healthy food to local communities on a global scale to mitigate the upcoming food crisis.
To that end OneFarm implements large scale vertical farms together with local partners to ensure food security for all parts of the population.
We believe community relationships are key to providing long term sustainable food security. It also ensures community support, access to sites for development, inclusion of local agricultural knowledge and industries, local institutional support, employment, distribution.
Localization opportunities in a global context will also allow South-South food chain development in regions that are disaster prone and climate change affected.

We are looking for interns! Join our dynamic and passionate team.

3 new internships! Join OneFarm's team working with the world’s leading network of experts to provide affordable fresh healthy food and plant pharmaceuticals to local communities on a global scale to mitigate the upcoming food crisis. OneFarm internship program will provide you with exceptional experience, extensive knowledge and access to the incredible network of the fast-growing field of vertical farming, and potential employment prospect at OneFarm! If you are ready to join our vibrant startup, check the different positions: Design , Research and Project Assistants!

Check out the positions in on careers section, or through the links below:

Design assistant:
Project assistant:
Research assistant: