Looking for an Internship

After an Erasmus year in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and my upcoming graduation in Political Science from the University of Lille 2, I am looking for an internship in Amsterdam related to urban policy. I am particularly interested in subjects as sustainable energies, circular economy and reducing waste. I can help you develop your actions inside and outside the country as I speak French, English and Spanish. Any help concerning job opportunity would be highly appreciated.
You can contact me on my email adress : noemi_mene@hotmail.com.
Have a nice day!


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Noémi Mené

Hi, yes I found a part time here with Sustainable Amsterdam! I am still looking for another part time though!

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Luc Baardman🏃☕️

Hi Noémi, did you find an internship here or abroad in the field of your interest? We're eager to know!