Looking for startups in circular packaging who want to win €25,000 and substantive support to realise their innovations.

Often start-ups - with circular packaging ideas - are unknown for the greater audience, or lack the knowledge and financial resources to get their initiatives up and running. The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging invites these start-ups to participate in the Challenge for start-ups in circular packaging. The two best ideas receive € 25.000 and substantive support to realise their innovations.

Start-ups can register for the Challenge until 26 November 2018. After November the selected start-ups will be invited for a pitch. Based on the provided information and pitches, the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging, together with an expert group, will award the two winners and will help them realising their innovations.

More information: https://www.kidv.nl/activiteiten/projecten/7849/challenge-voor-start-ups-in-circulair-verpakken.html?ch=EN
Or contact Charissa Koolen: ckoolen@kidv.nl


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Charissa Koolen

Thank you, Nancy Zikken!

Looking forward to hearing from you, Bernard MERKX and Liselotte van Dijk.

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Nancy Zikken

@bernardmerkx Would you be interested in this call? And @liselottevandijk do you know any interested startups?

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Beth Massa

@nancyzikken Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Luckily we are already in contact with Charissa and will be throwing our hat in the ring. Anything else you see that is relevant to Ozarka please keep 'em coming! :-)

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Nancy Zikken

@bethmassa perhaps this is an interesting opportunity!