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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

We urgently need to rent your "wasstraat" and commercial dishwashers or sublease your space to build our own!

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Hi All,
Since 2018, Ozarka works every variety of vendor or restaurant replacing disposable food containers with reusables, big or small, doesn't matter. As you can imagine, we are growing like crazy.

Our wash and sanitation model is decentralized. We have one main wash and sanitation facility called the "Sparkle Jar." We install "outposts" or mini-sparkle jars for wash and sanitation rather than build out more huge facilities. There are a variety of reasons for this (all good, more sustainable, and more affordable for our clients).

We need a lot more of these mini centers. SJ3, SJ4, get the idea. We are looking for partners that have the same commercial dishwashers we have that are not used very often Think office canteens, corporate food courts, hotels. Or, do you have water hookups and extra space that is not being used that we can rent out from you?

The most ideal locations are sort of on the outskirts of the centrum but still inside the A10. Hemshaven or Veemkade area...Oost, West, Noord are ideal locations.

The reuse revolution is really starting to take off! Our growth is going straight up and we need the Amsterdam Smart City community to help us expand our logistics by tapping into infrastructure that already exists.

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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

Seeking new pilot participants

Who hates the plastic packaging hangover that comes with dinner delivery? We're now accepting new participants for our Take Away (and delivery) Without Throwing Away pilot. Dinner delivered, reusable packaging picked up.

We're starting out small and after our first week are now confident we can scale up to accepting more pilot participants for both the residential dinner delivery and the corporate lunch delivery services.

Companies and individuals in Amsterdam can email me at to join.

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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

Take Away (and delivery) Without Throwing Away

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We've just launched the delivery pilot for Ozarka: a prepared foods service coming to Amsterdam where all our packaging is sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic and all of it is returnable and reusable. We're accepting new participants for both residential and corporate customers in Amsterdam. Email me to join or find out more!


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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

Take Away With No Throw Away: Ozarka seeking participants for our pilot!

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Hi everyone,

In the middle of June, We're launching a delivery-only pilot for our low-waste traiteur and prepared foods store where ALL the packaging is return-for-deposit (statiegeld).

Our menu ranges from healthy-ish to incredibly healthy, is always filling, and irresistible and we will make it really convenient to get your packaging picked up and your deposit returned (or at least, that's what we're testing).

We are going to turn Amsterdam on its head with our truly sustainable offering and we need your help, input, and feedback in the first phase.

Here are the requirements to join the pilot:
- Live inside the ring in Amsterdam.
- Be in town at least part of the time the pilot runs, from June through August.
- You are under no obligation to buy anything, but we assume if you want to join the pilot you will want to order at least once.

This is invitation only, limited spaces available. Please email me at to join.

By all means, share this announcement with your friends who might be interested.
To share the pilot announcement find the post at:

Thank you!

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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

Industrial designers with expertise in sustainable packaging

We are looking for industrial designers who can help us create reusable, collapsible, food-grade packaging made from sustainable materials. The packaging we are going to start with will consist mostly of glass, aluminum, biodegradable materials, sustainable paper and silicon.

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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

Ozarka - Amsterdam's first #NoSUPP Grocery Store

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Offering a disruptive grocery-shopping model that reduces packaging waste dramatically, without sacrificing convenience.

Opening in Amsterdam in Spring, 2018: Ozarka is a new-concept shop offering upmarket, gorgeous, high-quality yet affordable specialty foods, every-day grocery, and personal care products. We will also feature a prepared foods station and salad bar that is self-serve and sold by weight.

Best of all, Ozarka is a #NoSupp* retailer. We will sell no product wrapped or packaged in single-use plastic. We will make it incredibly enjoyable *and* convenient for our customers to participate in sustainable shopping.

Plastic packaging has created one of the most severe environmental crises of our time. We use far more of it that we can recycle or manage and most of it ends up in landfill, or polluting our oceans and terrestrial environment (only 8% of plastic is recycled worldwide).

Ozarka's model aims to drastically reduce and remove plastic from our daily lives without compromising quality or convenience in every day shopping. Our food is beautiful. Our shopping experience is beautiful. With our customers we will keep the planet beautiful.

Say yes to Ozarka. Say yes to #NoSUPP

We are inviting suppliers to contact us and join in this vision. Specifically:
Fruit and vegetable producers
Local cheese makers
Local beter-leven dairy
Caterers and gourmet food truck vendors
High end personal product makers looking to prototype a refills model: soaps, shampoos, conditioners (think Kiehls, Body Shop, Kevin Murphy)
Bio-based, single-use packaging manufacturers
Compostable packaging manufacturers
Industrial composting facilities

*NoSUPP = No Single Use Plastic Packaging

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