Looking for projects in Urban farming & Vertical Farming

Hi All,
I am currently seeking to participate in Urban farming & Vertical Farming projects. I am very enthusiastic about everything that is related to these topics and would love to participate and help these types of initiative grow. My role could be project management, project support , organize events to promote this topic (event management) and or analyse data gathered from growing the vegetables in the urban farm. I am reachable at info@patandinconsulting.eu. My website: www.patandinconsulting.eu . Thanks in advance.

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We are really happy to welcome Madhavi in the Vertical Farm project! Thanks all, for making this connection happen!

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Lotte Duursma

Thank you for this message @madhavipatandin . I am happy that you found a match with A Lab and @ismaydotinga !

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Madhavi Patandin

Thank you all for the suggestions ! I am now volunteering at A-Lab. @lucbaardman , indeed I had a typo in my web address. It is now fixed. @lotteduursma and @ismaydotinga , I am involved and very excited!


Hi Madhavi, you can send us an email if you would be interested in volunteering at the Vertical Farm: info@a-lab.nl. At this point the farm is running entirely on the effort of the volunteers in our community, would be amazing if you get involved!

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Lotte Duursma

@ismaydotinga at A Lab has a verticle farm. And @timdebroekert from Stadsboeren is doing cool urban farming projects!

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Luc Baardman🏃☕️

Hi Madhavi, your website doesn't seem to be online, can you check this?


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