Open call Circular & Digital - to be expected April 2018

750 k euro for your circular business idea!
Circular initiatives and experiments are striving in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, and the opportunities for growth and scale are enormous. Therefore, the City of Amsterdam, on behalf of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA), will launch an open call circular & digital in April. The call addresses parties with creative, smart and innovative business ideas that will strengthen the competitiveness of the circular and the economic activity in the Metropolitan Area. A total sum of 750,000€ in public funds is available.

The Metropolitan Area wants to become the hub for circular products and services. Ground-breaking innovations and digital solutions are needed to close material loops at a large scale and to stimulate high-value reuse of resources. But new and profitable products do need initial support to get off the ground. The call for tenders will give these circular innovations a boost. The best plan is awarded a sum in co-financing to go ahead with the business case and make the innovative idea a reality!

Market Consultation
The Amsterdam Economic Board, together with the municipality of Amsterdam conducted a market consultation prior to the tendering procedure to ensure that the requirements put up by the AMA are in line with market possibilities.

48 players in the market have submitted their written input. Participants of the consultation were then invited for a stakeholder meeting to give further insight and answer potential questions.

This report provides further information about the makings of the call and the results (anonymised and aggregated) of the market consultation.

The call is currently in the preparation phase and will be published in April 2018 on TenderNed. The winners will be selected before the summer. Weigh your chances of winning the call and read the report. Or do you want to join forces? Forming open call consortia is highly encouraged!

Find the report on the website of the Amsterdam Economic Board:



Hi Jim,
Fully agree, we should indeed work on all valid solutions that could potentially bring us from the current state of our economy to a better and more sustainable one. This competition focusses on the digital solutions specifically, as you have noticed, however this does not imply that all other solutions are void! Marjolein

Jim Bowes's picture
Jim Bowes

Beste Marolein,

I have read the document and have a question. I see that this call is focused on digital solutions. It seems we are obsessed with sexy digital.
I have an analog company that could easily become a circular business. I too would like the support of the powers that be and access to resources. As an analog business am I just out of luck and out of date?
Digital is great for many reasons. The biggest being it scales easily but if we are to change our economy, don't you think it would smart to be inclusive of all solutions not just sexy digital solutions?