Plastic Waste Recyling

Hi everyone!
I am Enrico, office coordinator for a startup of e-scooter sharing. I am looking for companies who can collect and reuse our plastic waste and turn it into swags and other objects and create nice cooperation around plastic reuse. We are also looking for a partner in handling our organic food waste to create compost!
Thank you all!


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Ludovica Viva

Hi Enrico,
I am part of a project called AwareNest aimed at promoting sustainability awareness in festivals and events. To this aim we are building a modular pop-up architecture done with plastic bottles and other rescued materials. We are mainly collecting:


Hi Hanna, thanks for your reply! I contacted today both.
Good to know you recommend them :) I'll get in touch with Ecocreation. have a nice evening!

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Hanna Dijkstra

Hey Enrico,
I have come across some interesting companies - check out Van Plestik or Polimeer for plastic, and Ecocreation for compost.