Dear employers of Amsterdam,

We are PlaytoWork, a job board service with a focus on matching young vocational graduates and students (MBO-graduates) in Metropole Region Amsterdam with actual job openings. CV’s are old school and not a great predictor of success. PlaytoWork adds personality profiling to matching for a better (long-term) fit. By using ‘serious games’ for recruitment issues, we provide candidates with self-understanding of their personality and behavior. This makes applying for jobs and matching better, faster and fun. Our games are based on psychological assessment criteria and are used to build a solid image of a potential employee. Employers benefit from matching on both soft skills and hard skills as the importance of a fit on personality increases rapidly.

Do you have vacancies for which the behavioral component is essential? Is your target group hard to find and or hard to pick? Come on board! We currently have free trials, so don’t hesitate to contact us: or