Mobility and transport are crucial for a city to function properly. Amsterdam is considered the world capital of cycling; 32% of traffic movement in Amsterdam is by bike and 63% of its inhabitants use their bike on daily basis. The number of registered electrical car owners in the Netherlands increased with 53% to 28.889 in 2016. Since 2008 car sharing increased with 376%. However, this is less than 1% of the total car use. Innovative ideas and concepts can help to improve the city’s accessibility, so share your ideas and concepts here.

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AMS Scientific Conference: Reinventing the City - Blueprints for messy cities?

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Reinventing the City Conference, April 23-25, 2024, Amsterdam. The ticket sale has started! Purchase your ticket and be part of this amazing event!

Join us for the Reinventing the City conference, where we will explore sustainable urban transformations on a metropolitan scale. Scientists, policymakers, students, and industry partners will come together to share insights, inspire action, and shape the future of our cities.

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About the conference
The AMS Scientific Conference (AMS Conference) explores and discusses how cities can transform themselves to become more livable, resilient and sustainable while offering economic stability. Cities are innovation hubs, where an increasing number of people live, work, recreate, interact, and care. The urban fabric is where major transitions take place, catalyzing advancements in mobility, circularity, renewable energy, climate adaptation, urban food systems and digitization. Precisely for these reasons, our cities set the agenda for improving the livability and sustainability of our world.

Cultivating transformation
To foster improved urban environments, we need scientific and societal insights into our complex urban systems, into how natural and social processes are interconnected and reach tipping points, into the good, the bad and the ugly of our cities. We need amazing discoveries, technical and social innovations to transform the ugly, leave the bad behind and reach for the good. And most of all, we need to make the city together, because WE are the city.

Theme of this year

In this second edition of “Reinventing the City”, the overarching theme will be ‘Blueprints for messy cities? Navigating the interplay of order and complexity'. In three captivating days, we will explore ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’ (day 1), ‘Amazing discoveries’ (day 2) and ‘We are the city’ (day 3).

Day 1: 'The good, the bad, and the ugly'
The first day of the AMS Conference primarily focuses on the messiness: the various aspects of urban development and innovation. "The good" refers to success stories and positive developments in cities. "The bad" relates to challenges and issues that cities face, and "the ugly" pertains to less attractive aspects of urban development. This theme explores how cities, both in terms of space and users, evolve in both positive and negative ways.
Day 2: 'Amazing discoveries'
The second day of the conference concentrates on pioneering research and innovations, both technical and social, in the field of urban renewal and sustainability. Here, we ask participants to present and discuss new and exciting discoveries that have a positive impact on urban areas. We focus on areas such as mobility, food, circularity, energy, climate resilience, and smart data.
Day 3: 'WE are the city'
This theme emphasizes that the people living and working in cities play an essential role in urban renewal and development. This can involve community engagement, citizen participation, public-private partnerships, and the importance of involving all stakeholders in the city. Only together can we create livable and inclusive cities.

mobility | circularity | energy transition | climate adaptation | urban food systems | digitization | diversity | inclusion | living labs | transdisciplinary research

Registration Options

  • Full Conference Access: Immerse yourself in the entire event, spanning three captivating days, each dedicated to a distinct theme:
    • Day 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    • Day 2: Amazing Discoveries
    • Day 3: We Are the City
  • Single-Day Access: If your schedule is tight, you can opt for a single-day pass to attend the day that interests you the most.
  • Student Access: To encourage student participation in our conference, we offer exclusive student rates. Universities often provide funding opportunities to support students in attending conferences like ours. We encourage students to explore the available funds and grants at their respective universities. It's a great way to help offset the costs of your participation. Please note that student passes are available to currently enrolled students with valid student IDs.

Conference Fees

  • Full Conference Pass: €650,-
  • Single-Day Pass: €150,-
  • Student Full Conference pass: €200,-
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Cursusdag 'Werken aan een lerende organisatie'

Stel je voor: je werkt in een team waarin iedereen actief bijdraagt aan verbeteringen en innovatie. In plaats van weerstand tegen nieuwe werkwijzen, denken je teamleden hierover mee. Werknemers dragen zelf actief ideeën aan om het bedrijf en zichzelf verder te ontwikkelen. Samen breng je de organisatie naar een hoger niveau.

Dat is hoe een lerende organisatie eruitziet. Maar hoe krijg je dat voor elkaar? BouwLab R&Do vertelt je er alles over in de eendaagse training van de Smart Makers Academy. Tijdens de volledig verzorgde cursusdag op 25 april laten we je zien hoe je een lerende organisatie vormgeeft en een leerplan opstelt dat past bij jouw bedrijf. Na deze dag kun je zelfs kiezen voor persoonlijke begeleiding om de implementatie binnen jouw organisatie te versterken.

Wat maakt een lerende organisatie zo belangrijk? Het gaat niet alleen om individuele ontwikkeling, maar om een gedeelde visie waarbij elke medewerker bijdraagt aan de vooruitgang. We gaan, onder leiding van Wilfried Hoffman, dieper in op dit aspect tijdens de cursusdag en leggen uit waarom een lerende organisatie essentieel is voor succes op lange termijn. Met behulp van concrete activiteiten krijg je praktische handvatten aangereikt om zelf aan de slag te gaan.

Deelname aan de cursusdag bedraagt €49,50
De cursusdag duurt van 09:00 tot 17:00 uur.

Masterclass / workshop on Apr 25th
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Slimme Stad Parade 23 mei 2024

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Er zijn zoveel smartcity-onderzoeken dat je soms de bomen door het bos niet meer ziet. En daarom brengen we op 23 mei 2024 in Utrecht alle bomen bij elkaar. Wil je weten welke innovatieve smartcity-onderzoeken er zijn die bijdragen aan een leefbare en slimme en sociale stad? Dan mag je de Slimme Stad Parade op 23 mei in het provinciehuis van Utrecht niet missen!

Tijdens dit unieke evenement krijg je de kans om kennis te maken met alle smartcity-onderzoeken in Nederland en Vlaanderen. Ontdek welke slimme wetenschappelijke onderzoeken er zijn voor het sociaal domein en hoe we de verstedelijkingsopgaven van de toekomst kunnen oppakken. En leer wat digitalisering en technologisering betekent voor de maatschappelijke opgaven van vandaag.
Dus, wil je weten welke smartcity-onderzoeken er zijn die bijdragen aan een betere wereld? Wil je het hele bos kunnen overzien? Kom dan naar de Slimme Stad Parade op 23 mei in het provinciehuis van Utrecht en laat je inspireren!

Datum: 23 mei 2024, 10.00 – 17.00 uur (inloop 10.00- 11.00 uur).
Locatie: Provinciehuis Utrecht
Kosten: Deelname aan de Slimme Stad parade is gratis

Meld je hieronder aan:

Meet-up on May 23rd
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Online Just Sustainability Transitions Course

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Do you believe, like us, that sustainability and social justice are key to fundamental change? ‘Just Sustainability Transitions’ is a six-month online course that provides the tools and inspiration you need to create your own transition strategy. This year, we're organising a third edition!

The Just Sustainability Transitions peer-learning course draws from our latest action research insights on justice, sustainability transitions and social innovation. This is the third year we are organising this course, which brings you best practices and personal experiences we gathered during our work on transition processes in different settings and countries – in Europe and across the globe.
How can we facilitate and accelerate societal transformation? And how can we really bring in diverse allies to drive systemic change? This course helps you find answers to such questions by combining state-of-the-art research with deep critical reflection and applied action learning. We provide a diversity of perspectives that help you discover what works for you.

Special attention is given to tools and methods with which you can organise a process of transition in your area, organization or sector.
Your guides on this journey will be young and more seasoned DRIFT experts, all active in transitions research, (government) consultancy and education. They specialise in diverse domains such as climate policy, energy, agro-food, inclusiveness & participation, sustainable urbanism and the circular economy.

Illustration by Maria Fraaije

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from May 23rd to Oct 10th