Amsterdam Smart City Tour x WeMakeThe.City

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Do you want to learn about the Amsterdam innovation approach and the innovation ecosystem in which we operate? How do we shape the city of the future together with proactive citizens, innovative companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities? Marineterrein Amsterdam will talk about the innovation district and we will visit four innovative organizations based on the Marineterrein.
The partners and project you will get to know during the Tour:
• Amsterdam Smart City consists of a public private partnership and an international community of more than 6.500 members. By sharing knowledge and by collaborating we come up with innovative solutions for metropolitan issues of a social, economic and ecological nature. This way we ensure that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area remains liveable, now and in the years to come.
• Living Lab is a method to urban experimentation which is now being applied on the Marineterrein. Find out how the Marineterrein is being transformed in a living lab and what this means for organizations looking to test and scale their solutions.
• CODAM is a new and unique coding college in the heart of Amsterdam where students learn to code in a radical peer-to-peer environment. During this visit, participants will learn what makes CODAM such a novel and effective way to prepare young people for careers of the future.
• NEMO will open a second location called De Studio with a focus on adult visitors next to the family museum. The program will be focussed on actual themes like food, health, education, sustainability and sports. The first exhibition, Future Food, will start on Juli 9th and will give a preview on the change needed in the world of food the coming years in order to keep the planet sustainable.
• Marineterrein Amsterdam is an innovative area with an international community of pioneers, scientists and entrepreneurs working together on innovative ideas and projects that promote a sustainable society. For example Project SmartRoof 2.0; an innovative, lightweight, blue-green roof, that has been installed on Building 002. Water management (blue) and plants (green) are carefully monitored using sensors. This research shows that blue-green roofs help in the insulation of buildings, the collection of rainwater, the greening of cities and the reduction of the urban heat island effect.


van yim

Thank you Menouschka, but I tried to register and the button said sold out!

van yim

Hi, I am from Hong kong and travelling to amsterdam this weekend and saw this event. I saw that the event is fully booked but wonder if I can still join? It's such a great opportunity to see how this initiative is implemented in amsterdam! Also, will the tour be in english? Thanks!