Amsterdam.AI - Amsterdam's quarterly AI Summit

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Amsterdam’s quarterly AI summit for applied artificial intelligence calls for all AI enthused product, business and tech people to its first edition at the Zoku Amsterdam on June 15th at 6pm.

Focused, hands-on talks on the impact of AI and related technologies on product development, design and the business aspects, also providing an outlook on related industry + technology trends.

We're proud to announce our selected speakers at Amsterdam.AI's first edition on June 15th:

  • "Introduction of City.AI" by Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Founder City.AI
  • "Deeplearning, the next frontier in computer vision" by Tijmen Blankevoort, CTO at Scyfer
  • "Augmenting human experts with machine intelligence" by Peter Tegelaar, Chief Data Scientist at Catawiki
  • "Chat Bots in Practice" by Christian Vogel, CTO at Nine Connections

The talks are followed by an informal exchange with industry peers to spot the latest trends and technology updates on the analysis of

  • Text (Natural Language) | Table Host: Peter Tegelaar, Catawiki
  • Audio (Sound, Speech, Music) | Table Host: TBA
  • Image + Video | Table Host: Tijmen Blankevoort, Scyfer
  • Machine Learning | Table Host: Christian Vogel, Nine Connections