Blockchain #3: Blockchain for Justice

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Come to A Lab to learn more about Blockchain Technology and how it can be used for social causes!


Blockchain technology offers a lot of possibilities and opportunities, but a lot of the applications being developed seems very arcane and only useful to a very limited group of people.

In this meetup, we are going to take a close view at a very specific use case for blockchain technology: reuniting refugee children with their parents who already are living in EU member states.

An estimated 3.500 unaccompanied minors are waiting in Greece to get reunited with their family in EU member states. According to EU legislation these children have the right to reunification. Unfortunately the process to actually get the children to their parents is not working well and sometimes takes up to 2 years. We want to speed this process up, and found a solution to do so.

After 1,5 years of researching the current process, talking to the different stakeholders and understanding where the bottlenecks are, we believe that with the smart use of Blockchain technology children can be reunited with their families in max. 3 months.

With an app based on blockchain technology, the process will be more efficient, resistant to tampering and can have built in performance indicators. By leveraging these specific characteristics of blockchain technology, we can revolutionise the way we handle complex procedures into safe and efficient processes.


15:00 Blockchain essentials -- what is this technology, and how can it be a solution to the problem of child reunification?

15:30 Exploring the journey of the unaccompanied minor: an interactive search through the eyes of different stakeholders provides technical experts with the specific “problems” their technology can solve.

16:30 Bringing it together: let’s discuss how we can use our combined expertise to brainstorm an effective technical solution.

16:50 Innovating Justice! HiiL challenges you to improve access to justice for all.

17:00 Drinks!

Thurs 15 June | The K Space | 3-6pm
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