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We are pleased to announce the next #Citython edition, to be held online from 28 October to 6 November 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A Europe-wide initiative that will bring together experts in urban planning, sociology, engineering, data science and business creation to bring innovation to the key challenges facing our cities today: smart mobility, sustainability and safety.

Do you want to come up with ideas that will change the future of our urban spaces?

Click here to find more information about this event and get involved for this new edition:

Are you keen to work on Amsterdam's mobility challenges during a 10-day online hackathon that brings together an international group of creative and inquisitive minds?

Read more on the three challenges at hand and how to join!

EIT Urban Mobility - a European initiative in which the City of Amsterdam and AMS intsitute are partners - brings together cities, universities, research centres and industry, to work jointly on mobility innovations and make cities more liveable, is organizing as part of its core activities, its third 2020 Citython (online) organized together with CARNET (an initiative coordinated by CIT UPC) and the City of Amsterdam.

This year's focus of the Citython will be on how to tackle sustainable mobility with the use of digital tools. The competition is open to all European citizens with a background in urban mobility and planning.
This Citython will be held in the city of Amsterdam, and is focused on mobility optimization. Our society is shifting towards a digital world, and for this new Citython edition, the aim is to create virtual tools and minimize physical solutions, which are usually expensive and hard to maintain. In a city where bikes are one of the main transport modes, we are also betting for sustainable solutions.

The three challenges for the Amsterdam Citython are:

Green & efficient deliveries for a better neighborhood - Devise a solution for a more efficient – and preferably emission-free – supply of goods and services in busy neighbourhoods in the city. The liveability of the neighbourhood should be considered as well as the consequences (financial or otherwise) for the customer of the goods or services.

Park that bike right – Design a solution that improves bike parking, being the emphasis on influencing behaviour and/or on small technical or physical solutions; not using for bike parking facilities or other large and physical solutions.

Journey simulator - Devise a journey simulator for the Amsterdam Area’s mobility network that focuses on (potential) accessibility issues encountered during journeys. The simulator needs to be kept up to date and passengers must be able to deliver feedback.

Participants will have to work on their solutions until 6 November, when the final ideas will be presented to the jury. During the hackathon days, all groups will have the opportunity to attend individual online mentoring sessions to get feedback on their work and take part in a co-creation and collaboration environment.

There will be one winning team for each city challenge (three winning teams in total), and each of them will receive a financial award of 1.500 €.

How to join?
You can register for this event here. Registration deadline: 28 October - 18:00 CEST. For more information: Citython website.

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