Cybersecurity, Hype or Serious Threat?

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In the SmartCommunity Meetup group we organise meetups with topics related to Digital Transformation and Innovation for a mixed audience of public, private and students.
In our next online meetup we will talk about cybersecurity: what should we all know about this and how do we keep our virtual life safe?

Especially today while all working remotely we connect to several wifis. How do you know whether it's safe? What are the main pitfalls and what could go wrong?
In this talk, we will learn from two security experts:
- Henk-Jan Angerman, founder of Secwatch and senior Cybersecurity Expert.
- Luuk Dries, sales consultant at F5 and senior Cybersecurity Expert.

In an interactive setting, we will ask them about their experiences.
At the end of the interactive talk, there will be time for your questions!

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