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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager , posted

Innovation Hub Almere is officially open

On April 15th the first onsite Innovation Hub was opened in Almere, part of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.
As a partner of the hub, you will have the right ecosystem and business opportunities.
As a participant of the hub, you can rent seats in the hub, starting with 1 day a week.
Contact Manuela Krull-Mancinelli if you want to know more!
For the press release, see this link: Innovation Hub Almere

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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager , posted

Cybersecurity, Hype or Serious Threat?

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In the SmartCommunity Meetup group we organise meetups with topics related to Digital Transformation and Innovation for a mixed audience of public, private and students.
In our next online meetup we will talk about cybersecurity: what should we all know about this and how do we keep our virtual life safe?

Especially today while all working remotely we connect to several wifis. How do you know whether it's safe? What are the main pitfalls and what could go wrong?
In this talk, we will learn from two security experts:
- Henk-Jan Angerman, founder of Secwatch and senior Cybersecurity Expert.
- Luuk Dries, sales consultant at F5 and senior Cybersecurity Expert.

In an interactive setting, we will ask them about their experiences.
At the end of the interactive talk, there will be time for your questions!

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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager , posted

How to increase the visibility of your Startup?

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Setting up a company is an administrative action. But how to get the right attention? Is uploading pictures on social media enough?
In this Meetup we will learn from a Marketing and Communication Strategist, Digital Growth & Venture Building expert and Publicity Coach & PR Strategist how to get full attention and find the right clients for your products.
As always including interactive sessions. In this Meetup all three experts have an interactive part for you, so prepare your questions!

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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager , posted


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Get ready for our next event, it's all about ROBOTS!
Robots are known for their human looks and behaviour. Inspired by movies we often think of them as superhumans. But what are robots really?
On February 11th , 2020 we have the opportunity to listen to at least 3 Robot experts.

Randall van Poelvoorde, international robot expert, will speak about #ethics in the interaction between #humans and #robots;
Martijn R. Lukaart, serial #entrepreneur, will explain all about his #OddBot project and demo the robot version he brought to #CES in #LasVegas;
Marcia Richardson-Dusseldorp MBA-Master Black Belt, #Lean expert, will introduce you to the world of Robotic Process Automation (#RPA). She will also lead you through a #Speedworkshop to build your own #SoftwareRobot (Bring your own laptop, No programming skills required).

And of course, we will have drinks&bites before and after the talks.
If you are interested, please register because the seats are limited!

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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager , posted

Become a Circular Entrepreneur

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Around the First European Upcycle Centre in Almere De Steiger you see what happens when you base your activities on the assumption that ‘waste’ is a human invention. Many innovative entrepreneurs are setting up their new businesses re-using materials and thinking in a collaborative way. Learn how we ended up in the Cities as they are today and learn how to become a more circular organisation yourself.

Around the First European Upcycle Centre you see what happens when you base your activities on the assumption that ‘waste’ is a human invention. Many innovative entrepreneurs are setting up their new businesses re-using materials and thinking in a collaborative way. This vibrant and energetic yet circular economy is getting attention of international visitors.

At Almere - De Steiger the first European Upcycle Centre was opened in January 2018. During the short period the centre has opened their doors, it has attracted many people from various backgrounds such as circular economy- and social impact entrepreneurs, designers, craftsmen, tech & Smart City entrepreneurs and many curious visitors from all over the world. Innovation is their daily food.

When you visit Almere De Steiger, or ‘AllyTown’ as the city is sometimes called, you’ll witness what happens when you bring together entrepreneurs with a focus on circular and sustainable business models.

Examples of people you’ll meet are

  • Craftsmen, producing unique circular marketing products,
  • Craftsmen, producing unique and trendy lamps and furniture,
  • Providers of sustainable and circular Smart Energy solutions,
  • Designers and Manufacturers of Smart & Sustainable Fashion,
  • Innovators sharing knowledge regarding entrepreneurship and new tech,
  • Students with a focus on Tech, Sustainability and Circularity
  • Smart City Designers & Architects
  • ...

During the visit you’ll get an interactive talk of an experienced entrepreneur about innovation and entrepreneurship in a circular economy. Next to that you will go on a tour and visit 2-4 circular entrepreneurs who will explain how they work in this ecosystem, what their product looks like and how they make a living from their circular organisations.

Almere - De Steiger is not just a circular hub, it is a circular economic hub and is slowly becoming an example for others too. Many national and international celebrities have found this area for the unique handcrafted and sustainable products.

A standard visit complies:

  • Presentation about the innovation journey to Smart Cities Today
    How did we get to the point where the world is today? What trends do we see to make our world more sustainable and what can you do to help?
  • Interactive sessions with innovative & circular entrepreneurs examples are:
    • Total solution for Circular & Sustainable households,
    • Unique handcrafted Circular Marketing Materials,
    • Smart Fashion (3D)/Circular Fashion,
    • Upcycled trendy lamps & furniture
    • New Tech developments

The visit can be accommodated to individual requests and can be enriched with sessions such as:

  • running circular workshops: how to make your business more circular, learn from experts;
  • start-up sessions such as coaching or pitch events;
  • run a design sprint to solve complex (business) problems in a sustainable & circular way;
  • Learn how to innovate by using new technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 3D technologies or Robotics;
  • visit the circular ateliers of the local entrepreneurs

Almere De Steiger is easily accessible by both car and public transport and is situated next to the Floriade area.

Want to book the tour? Mail to

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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager , posted


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Did you know that Steve Jobs followed a calligraphy class when he dropped out of college? Little did he know that later the learnings of this calligraphy class would influence Apple's revolutionary Macintosh.

There are tons of examples of legendary entrepreneurs that became succesful because of their curiosity. Entrepreneurs, by nature, are curious. They don't care what other people think and are always looking for new creative ways to reach their goals.

Dieuwke van Woensel, HR consultant & talent developer, worked with many startup founders and innovators. She will talk about the importance of curiosity in the modern workplace. Besides, she will share some practical techniques to train your curiosity and use it to stand out in your career.
This talk will be given in English.

Why these workshops?
Entrepreneurship is an important skill these days, whether you have your own company or work for a company. The fast changing business models require a different approach to almost everything.
Where during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolution the entire business model was focusing on increased efficiency and minimizing errors, today during the 4th Industrial Revolution Continuous Innovation seems to be the new norm. The best way to deal with it is to educate students, employees and company founders in the art of entrepreneurship.
That’s why Windesheim, University of Applied Sciences, is offering 4 workshops to all their students and, for this special occasion, also to non-students, whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or manager.
Register if you want to benefit from this opportunity !

14.30 - 14.45h - Walk in
14.45-15.45h - Keynote speaker Dieuwke van Woensel, HR consultant & talent developer GrowthSpace
15.45-16.30h - Networking

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