Data Union Fork: Tools for a data strike!

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In this workshop by Larisa Blazic, participants are invited to explore ways to reclaim individual data rights and establish collective ownership over their data. The first in the series is a discursive exploration to address wider accessibility and an attempt to collectively visualise process through "example mapping". During the workshop participants are invited to explore collective bargaining in labour union tradition and its possible hybridisation with DECODE project concepts.

Are you an artist, a developer, data activist, or a concerned citizen? Join this workshop! You don’t need any specific technical expertise to join. Two follow up workshops will be organized to work towards completing the discovery phase of the residency.

Tickets - Entrance is 5 euro, including one drink. The workshop will be English spoken.

About Larisa Blazic, artist in residence at Waag & DECODE
Larisa Blazic, a London based digital artisan, educator and feminist hacker. In her most recent work, Data Union Fork, as part of Vertigo STARTS Residency at Waag she explores collective response to personal data abuses by state and corporate sector, based on the DECODE OS, operating system. It is a proposal to conceptualise, articulate and co-create an assertive "smart contract" model enabling an additional protective layer of citizens’ digital rights.

More about the Data Union Fork:
We believe that there is a need for mass organised collective action regarding data: to defend and manage personal and population-wide data. Through a series of interventions, workshops and events, Data Union Fork, sets to develop a collective, creative, and democratic response to the social, economic, and cultural implications of mass scale data harvesting and to fully leverage the value of that data in the interests of democracy, equality, and justice.

In this project, citizens, activists, legislators, technologists and artists come together in discussion, examining efficacy of everyday behavioural tactics relating to data, surveillance and autonomy to enable anonymity, data disruption and pollution, autonomous organisation, value negotiation.

About DECODE project
Today’s Internet is becoming increasingly centralised, slowing innovation and challenging its potential to revolutionise society and the economy in a pluralistic manner. DECODE is a project in which practical alternatives will be developed for managing online identity, personal and other data and collective governance in a citizen-friendly and privacy-aware fashion
Data Union Fork: Tools for data strike is supported by the VERTIGO project as part of the STARTS program of the European Commission, based on technological elements from DECODE, with the support of Waag.

DECODE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 732546.