Official Launch of A Lab Vertical Farm

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Regular A Lab visitors will have noticed some activity in the front hall, next to The Coffee Virus, over the last few weeks. A Vertical Farm Lab will soon open in a previously underused space, right next to The Coffee Virus' seating area. Vertical Farms use indoor farming techniques and controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technology, where all environmental factors can be controlled. This means that we will soon grow many of our own herbs and vegetables within A Lab.

We are coordinating the launch of this new project with our Monthly Indoor Lab Crawl Event.

The A Lab - Vertical Farm will:

- Grow and produce vegetables inside a vertical farm, using the latest technologies.

- Research growing conditions, crops and technologies (together with University of Amsterdam)

- Educate schoolchildren on urban farming (verticale schooltuinen) and health food (thanks to a subsidy from City of Amsterdam/MaakJeStad)

Its harvests will be used by The Coffee Virus for producing even fresher and healthier dishes.

The Vertical Farm will be run and maintained by the community that hosts it.

The Vertical Farm in A Lab is an initiative by the A Lab community. Originally formulated by A Lab member Goncalo Neves, it was funded by the community, sponsors and partners.

The Vertical Farm implementation was done by OneFarm, an urban farming strategy and implementation company.

Friday 30 June | Vertical Farm | 5pm - Late