Smart Dialogue – The role of start-ups in a smart city

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The role of Startups and their Ecosystem in Smart Cities processes “The Case of Amsterdam: Startups potential or fake storytelling?”

In this Smart City dialogue we present the results of research about the role of startups inside the Smart City.

And, together with o.a. Start-up in Residence we start a dialogue on the outcomes and recommendations. What do start-ups need in our Smart City ecosystem, is more research needed, and what can we do to make our startups flourish and scale-up?

Michela Di Biasio’s research (IUAV University of Venice, Italy – PhD Program in Spatial Planning and Public Policies) aims to investigate the topic of the role of Startups inside the Smart City through the analysis of different case studies in two countries: Italy (Veneto Region) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). The Amsterdam case study has been carried out in collaboration with the Smart City Entrepreneurial Lab of the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam.
Through several interviews with both public and private actors she has mapped the relations between the different subjects in the Startup’s Ecosystem of Amsterdam in the Smart City’s process, and I’ve tried to described potentialities and critical issues of these relations. Have startups in Amsterdam potential or is fake storytelling making it big?

The Smart City dialogue is open for HvA staff and Smart City professions or start-ups interested in Smart Cities or start-ups.

Want to join? Please sent an email to
Location: Entrepeneurial lab Wibauthuis, Wibautstraat 3b, (ground floor, left side)

9.00 – coffee and welcome by Prof. Willem van Winden
9.30 – presentation by Michela de Biasio
Reflection Startup in residence?
10.15 - dialogue / discussion about the role of startups in Smart City
11.15 closure

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