Urban Mobility Days

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The CTO smart mobility team of the City of Amsterdam will organize an Urban Mobility workshop in the mobility hub Münchner Freiheit. This workshop is intended for SME’s, big enterprises, start-ups, governments, universities and institutions that are located in the metropolitan area Amsterdam/Utrecht and the metropolitan area Munich. This workshop is designed to stimulate interaction between the parties, to identify the common challenges and identify knowledge and business opportunities.

The workshop consists of a morning part and an afternoon part, the themes will be:
- The intelligent application of data (such as internet of things);
- Smart vehicle technology (such as automated vehicles);
- Smart concepts for individual and integrated approaches to mobility (such as
- Smart implementation of physical and digital infrastructure (such as telecommunication
networks and digital payment systems);
- Clean technologies (such as electric and zero emission vehicles).

Preliminary Program 18 July
11:00 Welcome and new urban mobility challenges in Amsterdam (Tijs Roelofs, Head
of City Innovation, City of Amsterdam)
11:15 New urban mobility challenges in Munich (City of Munich)
11:30 Start workshop part 1
12:30 Presentation conclusions part 1
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Start workshop part 2
14:30 Presentation conclusions part 2
15:30 Pitch Round Startups
17:00 Networking and drinks

Preliminary Program 19 July
09:00 Innovation tour (e.g. by bicycle) in Munich. Mixed groups receive a tour by a
local expert (such as a civil servant) to see the urban mobility innovations
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Start Noah showcase TU/ecomotive (programmed by the General Consulate)
Presentations Urban Mobility Amsterdam/Utrecht & München
16:00 Networking and drinks

For more information and to sign up please send an e-mail to Marten Bolt m.bolt@Amsterdam.nl