A cycle pedal with GPS and sensors

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The Conencted Cycle Pedal makes sure you know exactly how far you’ve cycled, but also which route you took.

Connected Cycle Pedal

With the Connected Cycle Pedal you can keep track of speed, route, burned calories and slopes. You can read this information in the corresponding app. It can also be stored for a while in the pedals, so if you forgot your smartphone while cycling this is not a problem. It is possible to synchronise the data through Bluetooth later.


Another advantage of the Connected Cycle Pedal is the GPS connection. So you can always check the location of your bike and this is especially useful when someone took or stole your bike. The smart pedal can also be removed with a special key that comes along with it. The price is will be announced later.

Source: GadgetsDaily
Picture: GadgetsDaily